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Granger and Jagdeo

                    The Granger led APNU/AFC administration is playing a game of Russian roulette by ignoring the leaders of the PPP/C in its pursuit of national development.

Despite campaigning and winning the May 2015 general elections on the promise of CHANGE, the Granger administration is still to deliver on this change after over one year in office. If anything else Guyana is more divided than ever.

Guyana is celebrating 50 years of its jubilee independence this year. That’s 50 tumultuous years of self-governance.

This country’s problems has being fed by the disunity that started when the two
political forces: PPP and PNC split in 1955 over a failure by the two leaders Cheddie Jagan and Forbes Burnham to agree on issues including who should lead the party into the 1957 elections.

Cheddie Jagan’s radical policies brought him into conflict with the British and co- founder of the PPP LFS BURNHAM. Angry and dejected Burnham decided to split and form his own political party- the PNC. The Jagan faction stayed with the PPP while the Burnham faction went with him and formed the PNC. The rest is now history.

Guyana attained independence on the 26 May 1966 under a coalition Government led by Forbes Burnham and Peter D’har (UF). Even though it failed five years after its formation, it was the first genuine attempt at coalition government in an independent Guyana.

Many was hoping that the second attempt at coalition government in Guyana would’ve been between the two giants PPP and PNC. Sadly, this still remains a concept for many Guyanese.

There are many theories as to why this never happened, but what is known is that the PNC as always been willing or has always shown a willingness to collate when the need arises. The PPP on the other hand has always shown an unwillingness to such a Governance structure. Betting on its electoral strength to win elections, the PPP sees no need to share political power with anyone or group.

This is however a case of national unity and in the pursuit of national unity all must be included. The Peoples Progressive Party/Civic draws its support from nearly half the population of Guyana, as such any step in the direction of national unity that exclude the party is a sham. Further, the PPPC, National Unity and national development are inseparable. The Granger administration will be playing a game of Russian roulette if it tries to achieve one at the expense of the other. Successive administrations of post independent Guyana: Forbes Burnham, Desmond Hoyte, Cheddie Jagan, Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar has failed to unity the Guyanese people.

However, understanding the importance of unity, President David Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has both promised to unite the Guyanese people. Though easier said than done, many Guyanese are optimistic about the future of Guyana with David and Moses as their leaders.

Written by:

Wayne Daly

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