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The long Waite at the Housing Ministry’s Central Housing and Planning Department, presents a real life example of how rudimentary and unprofessional the public service in Guyana has become.

As a first time home owner it took me 10 long and painstaking years to be a warded a plot of land by the CH&PA on the East Bank Demerara. Though happy at the outcome, it saddens me to imagine the horrors Guyanese have to go through at the Ministry of housing Central housing and planning department to obtain a land.

The CH&PA is the department within the Ministry of Housing with responsibility for land allocation. Since gaining power at the May 11 General elections the APNU/AFC administration has commence numerous forensic audits into various Government Agencies and departments. The CH&PA is one of many Government departments that was forensically audited.The findings are not surprising but they are damming.cropped-WREALTALK-2.jpg

Coming out of the reports are findings of fraud, maleficence, corruption and mismanagement. The report also recommends the sending home of the director and CEO to facilitate a wider probe into the operations of the department. Recommendations contain in the audit report are still to be enforced or acted on by the Granger administration or the CH&PA board.

I’m calling on the Minister Patterson to look into the efficiency and effectiveness of this department of her Ministry. Why should a person Waite from 7 in the morning to 12 midday to be told, “We aren’t ready for you yet, check back next week or next month.” Ridiculous!

Why should getting a land from the CH&PA depend on your willingness to bribe an officer in the Ministry? Corruption!

Finally, I will like to wish Minister Valery Patterson good look in her new portfolio.    She will need it, given that the ministry of housing is not only one of the most important ministries, it’s one of the largest and one of the most corrupt Government Ministries.

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