A country's arm forces is on its most potent weapon of defense against threat both foreign and domestic. As such we must be proud of our sons and daughters who bravely puts their live and body in danger, so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms fought for and gained over 50 years ago.

As such, the role played by the Guyana Defense Force in the development of Guyana most never be overlooked or condemned.

The GDF is an integral part of the Guyanese nation. Resources and equipment of the GDF are used to help other Guyanese; examples include medical services and the construction of roads and airstrips by the Engineering Corps.

The GDF was formed on 1 November 1965. Its members were drawn from the British Guyana volunteer force, Special Service Unit, British Guyana Police force and civilians. At the time training assistance was provided by instructors from England.

Basic training is done within GDF training schools, which also trains officers and soldiers from Commonwealth Caribbean territories. However, Officers are trained at two of the world’s renowned British officer training schools: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (Infantry Training) and Britannia Royal Naval College (Coast Guard Training).

The Guyana defense force has a very proud and at the same time antagonistic history....READ MORE




The failure of Guyana's education system to adapt to the needs of students from an early age has resulted in the production of an inferior product for a superior work force. In other words, the education that a child receives at the primary and secondary schools in Guyana does not mould that child for the world of work; much less studies at the territory level.

 Tertiary students have attested to the fact that studying for a degree at the University of Guyana can at times seem foreign in terms of its learning methods. For many, one of the major pitfalls of the education programme offered in the primary and secondary education systems is the emphasis placed on teaching rather than learning. Children at the primary level, especially those in public schools are expected to do as the teacher dictates. This robs our children of a creative environment where they are nurtured to think independently- outside of the dictates of the teacher. Our children are not taught to be problem solvers nor self-reliant- which is the purpose of education.

Sooner or later we will need to reform the way we educate our children since the present methods being used has failed to produce well rounded and competent individuals who can take Guyana forward.

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A Case for the Legalization of Medical Marijuana

It is argued that the continued criminalization of marijuana has caused more harm to the youths of Guyana than the ultimate purpose of criminalization; which is deterrence.

A recent study by the UN found that unemployment among young Guyanese is at a staggering 41% of the youthful sector. For some social commentators, unemployment coupled with the high number of single parent led homes, has resulted in many young persons, especially males between the ages 14-25 to turning to illicit drugs such as marijuana as a source of comfort and escape from the many hardships facing such family settings.

In Guyana, the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances (control) Act makes provision prohibiting the use marijuana. The scientific name for marijuana is Cannabis Sativa. In English speaking Caribbean idiosyncrasies Ganja or split. The marijuana is derived from one of the main chemical components of marijuana THC. Even though it is only 20% of the marijuana plant, THC is said to possess the potent capability to give users the 'high' that they crave.

Additionally, CBD is another chemical found in the marijuana plant. This component lacks the capability to inflict the potent effect on users as THC. This chemical rather is used by herbalist and in varying cultures across the World and Caribbean to treat an array of illnesses including: the common cold, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and even HIV.

Proponents for the legalisation of marijuana has since espoused empirical evidence in support of the claim that marijuana does more good than harm to the human body....READ MORE


If the Georgetown Mayor and City Council don't get its act together soon it will end up like GUYSUCO: Corrupt, Bankrupt and a Burden on the Guyanese taxpayer. Following the May 2015 parking-meters 1general elections and the subsequent holding of local government elections ten months later in March 2016, the city of Georgetown elected a new council after some twenty years. The new councilors who represents various communities in Georgetown known as Constituencies, had the burden of finding answers for the many demands of their constituencies. These demands includes; better roads, better drainage, better security, better waste disposal services and an improve services delivery system.

As such, the mayor and councilors is under severe pressure to implement projects and programs that will bring relief to the people of Georgetown.

This is where the parking meter project gains permanence. Despite various criticisms, the parking meter project that is being implemented by the Georgetown Mayor and City council is a modern idea that will generate much needed finances for the council. It will enable the council to implement important projects to aid in the development and modernization of the Capital City.

 The major focus of the parking meter project, which will be installed and operated by Smart City Solutions a Mexican company -is to generate revenue for the council and ease traffic congestion in the city.

Additionally, a second major focus will be direct employment for more than 100 persons who would be employed as: enforcement officers, ticketing agents and office staff among others.

Sadly, as in any underdeveloped and uneducated society CHANGE is myopic. Such is the reaction by many to this new and modern idea.

While many will argue for a more holistic approach from the council that would've address parking, traffic congestion and ease of movement in the city of Georgetown, the financing is just not available for such. As such, the city has to seek investors like SMART CITY SOLUTIONS which has the necessary financing.

The mayor and City council of Georgetown has had numerous financial challenges over the years. These includes: late payment of staff, electricity disconnections by GPL, non-maintenance of city properties; City Hall, Markets, abattoir and many other challenges.

These challenges can only be overcome through prudent financial initiatives and solutions. The parking meter project is one such initiative and it will alleviate some the financial challenges facing city Hall....Read More